Eloping with Children: Tips for a Stress-Free Elopement

Eloping has evolved into a delightful blend of romance and family adventure, especially when children are part of the mix. For those considering an elopement that includes the little ones, the key is finding a venue that not only caters to your love story but also keeps your children engaged and happy. Here are some exceptional venues that strike that perfect balance.

Daydream Island

A Luxurious Tropical Escape. As the premier choice for your elopement, Daydream Island offers a luxurious stay with activities galore at your fingertips. It’s a true tropical daydream, where the living reef is an absolute hit amongst kids, keeping them entertained for hours. With Daydream Island, everything is taken care of for you, ensuring a stress-free and luxurious experience for the entire family.

The Lodge at Jamberoo

Nestled just 10 minutes from the scenic Kiama on the South Coast, The Lodge at Jamberoo is an ideal elopement spot for families. This beautifully renovated resort boasts a stylish ambiance, complete with a pool and a restaurant perfect for a post-ceremony celebration. The highlight for families is undoubtedly the games room, a haven for kids during preparations. And if you’re looking to start your honeymoon with a splash, the Jamberoo waterpark is just up the road, offering an action-packed day for the entire family.

Starline Alpaca Farm, Hunter Valley

For a charming country experience, Starline Alpaca Farm in the Hunter Valley is a perfect choice. It offers cozy cottages for accommodation, making it ideal for larger group elopements. Known for hosting weddings, this relaxed farm provides animal feeding experiences, e-bikes, and an array of facilities. From the enclosed garden perfect for ceremonies to the blank canvas of a function center for an intimate elopement, it’s a versatile venue that combines rustic charm with practicality.

Running of the Horses at Glenworth Valley. An ideal location for an Elopement with children with plenty of activities and entertainment
Glenworth Valley

Glenworth Valley

For those adventurous souls seeking an elopement with a twist, Glenworth Valley is your playground. A place where your love story can be celebrated alongside a burst of family fun. Picture horse riding through lush valleys, kayaking on serene waters, and exploring trails on quad bikes – all fantastic ways to bond as a family. Accommodations range from cozy cabins to luxurious glamping tents, perfect for both romantic solitude and memorable family moments. Glenworth Valley is more than a venue; it’s an adventure that your family will treasure forever.

Yarramalong Farmstay

A Rustic Retreat For those who dream of a countryside escape, Yarramalong Farmstay, located just 1.5 hours from Sydney, is a gem. This venue offers a delightful farm experience with ponies, alpacas, sheep, and even egg-collecting activities for children. As a specialized wedding venue, Yarramalong ensures nothing is overlooked, from the ceremony to the charming rustic barn. The accommodation is family-friendly, with a mix of queen and single beds, and evenings can be spent relaxing by the campfire, toasting marshmallows. It’s the ultimate country elopement experience.

Picnic sunrise Elopement

Beachside Bliss

A Seaside Ceremony. For a more laid-back vibe, consider a beach wedding. Choose a familiar, tranquil beach and turn the experience into a treasure hunt for the kids by giving them buckets to collect seashells. This activity not only keeps them engaged but also offers beautiful photo opportunities, capturing their joy as they showcase their finds.

Finding Venues

When searching for venues, consider places that offer a private, relaxed atmosphere. Options vary widely, so you can find something that aligns with your elopement style. Many restaurants provide private dining for intimate post-ceremony celebrations, adding to the ease and elegance of your special day.

Child's Wedding shoes

Enhanced Tips for a Stress-Free Elopement with Kids Child-Friendly Activities

Choose venues with activities that will entertain and engage the children.

  • Accommodation Considerations: Ensure there are comfortable sleeping arrangements for the entire family.
  • Travel Proximity: Consider the travel distance to the venue, particularly if you’re planning to stay for several days.
  • Child Care Options: For younger children, consider arranging childcare during key moments like the ceremony.
  • Snacks and Drinks: Pack plenty of their favorite snacks and drinks to keep them satisfied throughout the day.
  • Rest and Nap Times: Ensure the children are well-rested before the big day. If they still nap, plan your schedule around their nap times to avoid crankiness.

Flexibility and Enjoyment

Remember, the day is a celebration for the whole family. Go with the flow and embrace the joy and excitement your children bring to your special day. Eloping with children can be a magical experience, blending the celebration of your union with family fun. With thoughtful planning and the right venue, your elopement can be as joyful and memorable for your children as it is for you.

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December 7, 2023

Eloping with Children

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